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If your trees are showing signs of disease and you need a Dallas Fort Worth, TX & Metroplex area Certified Arborist to help diagnose and treat the troubles, we are equipped to offer the highest level of tree care. From Dallas-Fort Worth, Roanoke, Aledo and all of the surrounding areas in North Texas you can call
DR. Bob White!

We specialize in tree treatment and tree care services. We will treat, protect & maintain your trees and shrubs. Texas best tree care and treatment services.

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  • Oak Wilt, Blight & Fungus Disease Treatment - (469) 418-9955
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In Order To Legally Treat Trees In Texas You Must Have A Texas Department Of Agriculture License Categories 3A

The Ramsden Family (Duncanville, Tx) We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bob White for all your tree care needs. After a lot of money and numerous visits from other "tree care company experts", we were put in touch with Dr. Bob White. He was successful in saving our 100+ year old tree and breathing life into another troubled tree! We'll never call any other tree expert again other than Dr. Bob White!

(Jason Ensign) After my neighbor had about 15 trees cut down due to Oak Wilt Disease, I didn't optate the same done to my trees. A friend of mine referred Dr. Bob White after he had preserved his trees. Calling Dr. Bob White was the best decision I could have made!

(Jason Ensign 8/22/14) To Dr. Bob White - Wanted to check in...You treated my tree several weeks ago. They still seem to be in stress and suffering from Oak Wilt.

(Jason Ensign 9/5/14) To Dr. Bob White - Do you have an e-mail address or maybe a number I can text someone pictures to? My trees are starting to do better!

Angie's List Satisfied Customer Reviews

Jerry Galloway (Rowlett County) *Approximate Cost: $1,150.00
Provided root treatment for three trees (1 red oak, 1 live oak & 1 silver leaf maple) to both root feed the trees and kill infections inside the trees - particularly the silver leaf maple. The Silver Leaf Maple is about 26 years old and I was about ready to cut it down. Bob White convinced me to allow him to treat the tree September 2012 but told me it would talk until the spring (2013) to see the difference. Both of the Oaks are substantially healthier and greener than similar trees on my street. The Silver Leaf Maple appears to be rebounding very well, and if I can save this very old tree, then I will be very pleased and surprised. And right now - it looks as though it will do well. Thanks Bob.

Pastor Jefferson (Dallas County)
My tree limbs were cut by a yard man on (4) trees. Insects got inside, bore holes and ash/green fungus covered them all. I called B.W. Pest Control and in (1) month the fungus started to leave. Now they are fine. The trees are fine full and were irreplaceable. B.W. was prompt, professional and his price was very reasonable. If I have any tree problems I'll call him first!

T. Emloe (Rockwall County)
Took care of worms in trees. Treated all trees on 11 ACRES and made them healthy again. I called and he came out right away (the day I called) and took care of the trees.

J .Montgomery (Parker County)
Excellent service! They saved my trees! My trees were dying and B.W. came and treated 15 trees and the ones that were dying came back and are now healthy!

Mr. & Mrs. Halbrook (Weatherford, County)
Excellent service and my trees are surviving well. Had bores and trees looked sick. B.W. took care of them and now they are healthy!

Mr. Martin (Rowlett County)
Treated trees, grass & shrubs. Great Job! Saved dying trees!

Mrs. James (Aledo)
Sprayed trees & bushes, came as soon as I called on Friday at 5 p.m. for insects. Came out twice to check on everything! Saved my very sick trees they are all better now! Thanks B.W!

E. Mc Cart. (Rockwall)
Insecticide, fungicide, fertilized and moisture controlled entire garden. New growth on all trees and shrubs. Pests are now non-existent. Great Job!

Mrs. Nelson (Coppell County)
Sprayed dying trees. Great results, trees began to have new leaves. He is the BEST tree man I ever used!

Mr. Craft (Rowlett)
Fertilized trees and saved them. Sprayed bug killer and did great on palms! Did a great job!

We Contact Certified Arborists For Tree Pruning, Trimming & Removal ONLY IF NEEDED.

Anyone Can Fertilize, but you need a license to treat trees! Even Arborists have to obtain a TDA Structural Pest Control License 3A or Certified Commercial Applicators License. It's the law! We are 1 of only 25 in the state of Texas certified to do so. Make sure your Arborist has a license. If you have any questions about licensing and your tree care specialist please contact Mr. Rafael Paonessa at (512) 463-1102 - Texas Department of Agriculture in Austin, Texas - Luis Alvarez (512) 463-2685- Structural Pest Control, Austin TX.

You've tried the rest, now try the best! We have over 32 years experience in treating/caring for trees, tree diseases, and insect control/prevention. We are ranked THE BEST licensed TDA tree care service in the state of Texas!

Before you trim any branches or limbs, consult a professional certified applicator like Bob White at BW Insect Control & Tree Care. Don't just cut your trees, treat them and save them, like God saved us!

"Before you turn on that chainsaw, pick up the phone and give me a call!"

- Call Doctor Bob White (214) 274-7918

Only a professional certified applicator can treat trees, lawns and shrubs for insects, disease problems and pest control.

Tree Disease Treatments

Fall is here! Don't lose your trees in the spring! Fall is a great time to plant trees but protect the trees and shrubs you already have from Texas Oak Wilt Disease, mistletoe and other diseases. It's a lot easier to prevent oak wilt and mistletoe than to treat it. Give your trees and shrubs the nutrients they need.

Winter Damage Prevention - Fertilizing your tree in the fall is one of the important steps to prevent bark damage and potential spring & summer complications.

Oak Wilt

Treatment of chemical fungicide may reduce the risk of oak wilt-related tree mortality. This should only be done by a trusted and experienced professional that is licensed to apply pesticides and fungicide treatment.

Sick Tree Or Shrub?

If you have a sick tree or shrub, you should call an experienced, state licensed, professional applicator to treat them. It's a matter of life and death for your precious shrubs and trees!

Iron Chlorosis Deficiency

  An abnormally yellow color of plant tissues , resulting from partial failure to develop chlorophyll, caused by a nutrient deficiency or the activities of a pathogen.

Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch elm disease (DED) is a vascular wilt disease. DED is a destructive fungus disease and is caused by the fungus Ophiostroma ulmi and is spread from tree to tree primarily by insects. Bark beetle are the most common vectors. The Dutch Elm disease is common in North Texas including small towns like Kaufman County Texas.

  Symptoms include yellowing and wilting of leaves on individual branches. These leaves often turn brown and curl up as the branches die, and eventually the leaves may drop off. Dutch Elm Disease can be treated with fungicides if recognized very early. Tree diseases are caused by a fungus, bacteria or a virus. BW Insect Control will treat the diseases that affect the health of trees.

Hypoxylon Canker

Hypoxylon Canker is a fungus that causes canker and death of oak and other hardwood trees. This is one of the most common stress related tree diseases. This disease is common in East Texas and across the Southern parts of the United States.

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Overview Of Our Services

  • We Contact Certified Arborists For Tree Pruning, Trimming & Removal ONLY IF NEEDED
  • Licensed & Certified By The Texas Department Of Agriculture
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Insect & Disease Treatment
  • Diagnosis, Prevention & Treatment Of Hypoxia, Oak Wilt & Phytophthora
  • Oak Wilt Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management, Prevention & Treatment
  • Spray Trees & Shrubs
  • Specializing In Killing Grasshoppers & Fire Ants
  • We Specialize In All O.T.C. Blight Treatment Bacterial Diseases
  • Pear Blight Tree Disease Treatment
  • Red Tip Photinia Shrub Disease Treatment
  • Fruit Trees Blight Disease Treatment
  • Magnolia Blight Disease Treatment
  • Shrubs Blight Disease Treatment

Bob White is licensed by the Department of Agriculture.

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